05-10-10 01:12 PM
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  1. EtaoinShrdlu's Avatar
    OK, I'll play. Here's the results from my 1992 Corvette, while racing at New England Dragway. The Dynostorm results were pretty accurate on time, not so on speed. Actual 1/8 mile results were 7.60 sec @ 88.9 MPH, and the actual quarter mile was 12.00 at 112.8 MPH.

    Note the 0-to-60 time!! That is real!

    The 60 foot time was really close - Actual time was 1.59 sec.

    Here's the car in action.

    05-09-10 04:50 PM
  2. stang.girl's Avatar
    This looks like a fun app; might have to look into it. I'd be interested in seeing how its results compare to our actual dyno sheet on our 03 Cobra.
    05-10-10 12:51 PM
  3. contento's Avatar
    how accurate is this? I've got a '65 Chevelle that I'd like to play with this in! (and a '69 Subaru 360 that might not generate enough force to even register!)
    05-10-10 01:12 PM
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