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    Hello there,

    Currently we are running a TH series DVR from Speco Technologies at our business. There are 16 cameras behind the firewall and ARE accessible from the internet without issue.

    We upgraded the blackberry storm to the latest version of DVR Mobileview and once again tried to access the cameras.

    We are connecting to the cameras via an IP ADDRESS. We have access on the dvr and the port forwarding is in place. We once again can get to the cameras via the internet from a PC EXTERNALLY and INTERNALLY.

    Once we try to get connected the dvr over the phone we continue to get an error code of 27. This is however, after we get a list of the cameras available to us. I can choose any of the 16 camera's on the list, so this tells me we are accessing the dvr over the verizon wireless network just fine. The problem occurs when it is time to deliver the VIDEO FEED.

    Has anyone solved or does anyone have any ideas. I was using port 100 and then decided to change it to 80 just to see what would happen. The internet connection is verizon as well and it is a business plan, so no ports are blocked on their end.

    Suggestions and advice or a fix are much appreciated.

    Model RBW71CW

    Kind regards,
    03-10-10 08:32 AM
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    wow.. I was really hoping someone would of had some feedback on this. Just want to keep it alive.

    Kind regards,
    03-11-10 12:59 PM
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    when you set it up on your blackberry make sure the user name is correct. Caps are important when I set it up I had a capital first letter and was abloe to select a camera but not view. I changed the first letter to lower case and it works fine now.
    04-04-10 06:16 PM
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    I could never get this to work on Sprint. It does work on my friend's T-Mobile phone.

    I have another location with a different DVR than Speco. It uses software called DMSS. I can't log into it either. I CAN log into it with an iPhone and a Droid. I called their tech support. They said blackberry's screen refresh makes it nearly impossible to stream live video.
    06-28-10 06:55 PM