1. indabox's Avatar
    Anyone else having issues with dropped calls since upgrading to .148??

    I went from .75 -> .132 -> .148

    I NEVER had a dropped call on .75
    .132 had a few dropped calls here n there
    .148 has lots of dropped calls

    so, to me the radio on the OS is getting worse?

    how is this OS working for everyone else? oh, and this is while im in an area with full signal strength.
    05-25-09 07:04 AM
  2. greydarrah's Avatar
    Mine is working great, as is being reported in the Findings thread. Most seem to love the radio in .148. You might try re-installing the OS. Otherwise, you can go here (BlackBerry Apps/Hybrids by lyricidal) and download Lyricidal's Swap-A-Radio program to load up a different one. I've read through most of this .90 radio swap thread (http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/os...woohoo-231783/), and everyone that does it seems to be pretty pleased.

    05-25-09 11:56 AM
  3. 0bsrvr's Avatar
    I have to agree with Grey. I've never had drop call ever on any OS I've tried so far. Like he said, maybe try the swap a radio. If that doesn't work, then maybe you just had bad luck/timing with the towers near you at the time. Good Luck.

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    05-25-09 05:42 PM
  4. jason.klein's Avatar
    i think 148 is by far the best SFi for coverage/ fewest dropped calls
    05-25-09 05:43 PM
  5. fireball0424's Avatar
    .148 radio is def. the best that I have tried. I am currently running Lyricidals Hybrid Beta and I have had No issues what so ever with the .148 radio that it has in it. Maybe try calling *228 and do both option 1 and option 2.
    05-25-09 05:47 PM
  6. blunt420's Avatar
    i go down the same road everyday togo home and theres a dead spot i know of and imo 148 gets dropped there way more than 109 thats how i judge these lol
    05-25-09 09:25 PM