1. the_meek's Avatar
    My Storm 2 is regularly dropping calls. It connects just enough time to say "hello" then fails.
    Call back and it will repeat 2-3 times in succession before one of the callers gets fed up and stops trying!

    It is unlocked for use in China.
    Easy to blame China angle but there at 0.5 billion mobile phone users in China, including my wife who has 3 chinese phone contracts, all working well, one is a Blackberry.

    Full signal strength, happens in a variety of locations.
    Replaced SIM card. Been in touch with China Mobile.
    Screen is turning off during call, i confirmed looking in a mirror.
    Email via exchanger server works fine.

    Increasingly hard to resist throwing against wall. Not a happy user.
    04-24-10 10:06 PM
  2. the_meek's Avatar
    Spent 3 hours on Sunday morning (who fancies that at the weekend?) and found i was not using Vodaphone update sortware so it was not recognising updates, apps etc. Updated to .497. Can see some small functional changes but will have to see if calls are afftected.

    thanks for any thoughts.
    04-26-10 07:14 AM