08-29-10 12:41 PM
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    as long as refurbs are available then you will most likely get a refurb from the warehouse. you will probably have to bargain to get a new model (is droid 2, storm 3 etc)
    Agreed. When I had problems with my s1 after the notice of eol, I took it in to verizon and she told me that no store had ANY in stock, refeb or new. She placed an order for a refurb to be sent to my house....no upgrade for me, kinda glad because I love touchscreen and would have went with the s2. I'd be disappointed to just get a device and only have it a month or two before it would be axed. I have to admit I miss surepress though. I have gotten accostumed to typing with the physical keypad on the torch as I was making too many mistakes with the virtual. When I first got the phone I wasn't use to selecting stuff and was pressing the screen hard as if it were a button.

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    08-29-10 09:42 AM
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    Alright. I'll let you know what happened 1.5 years later when I've to send in my S2
    08-29-10 11:19 AM
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    heres a link to the original ad

    Exclusive: Verizon end-of-life list details
    08-29-10 12:01 PM
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    Storm2, don't need OS6
    Agreed. I love my storm 2 and want a touchscreen. Os6 would be nice, but not needed. My phone works fine as is.

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    08-29-10 12:41 PM
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