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    I have been useing DriveSafe.ly Pro for a wile now. A few days ago, i saw there was an upgrade on App World.. so i downloaded it. (v1.20) My setting are set to ONLY work with Blue Tooth and to ONLY read Txt. It had been working for months with no problem.

    Since the upgrade, it reads EVERYTHING out loud from the phone speaker, e-mail, text and so on. I checked my setting, and they are all right but it still wont stop reading. I turned it off, and it still reads aloud.. i even uninstalled, rebooted and it STILL reads..

    I contacted DriveSafe.ly and they told me to uninstall, clean the memory, battery pulls and all that fun stuff.. I did EVERYTHING i can think of, but no mater what i try (i have to be missing something) it still reads everything out loud if i have the program installed or not.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    BTW I have a BB Storm 2.. OS v5.0.0.517
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    04-21-10 03:28 PM
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    Are you on S1 or S2? Your profile says S1. I am using 1.17 with no problems on my S2. App world says 1.21 is the newest available, for the S2 anyways. Have you tried 1.21?
    04-21-10 03:36 PM
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    Storm 2. I got it a couple months ago, just didn't update my profile. I guess i'll do that now.

    I'll try 1.21 and see what happens.. thanks, didn't know they put a new one up so quickly. 1.20 was put up Monday.
    04-21-10 03:55 PM
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    ok.. i put on 1.21.. same thing..

    Any ideas?
    04-21-10 05:21 PM
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    I have a cod of 1.17 backed up on my computer. Let me know if you would like me to email it to you.
    04-22-10 12:58 PM