1. janenebu's Avatar
    I purchased and downloaded Picture Dial from Toysoft. I have downloaded it several times and it is NOT in the download folder or anywhere to be found. I have done battery pulls and tried everything. It shows up in my applications list as being there but cannot find it anywhere. I have searched every folder possible.

    I have contacted Toysoft and they have had me try multiple re-tries. They are stumped too. By the way...Toysoft has the BEST customer service I have ever seen. They reply to any question within minutes. I am very impressed.

    I am running the latest leaked OS and have no problems with any other downloaded apps.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone ran into this with any program?
    02-05-09 10:46 AM
  2. no.name's Avatar
    Is your application folder hidden?
    02-05-09 10:50 AM
  3. djgmac's Avatar
    is it possible that it's a program that works without having an icon? Try doing something that would need you to use Picture Dial and see if it works.
    02-05-09 11:00 AM
  4. janenebu's Avatar
    The application folder is there and not hidden. The program DOES need an icon. The developer was stumped and said it should be in the download folder. They had my re-download it several times and it says it is there (in the application list). I have the sister program called picture ID and it is fine. I just don't know what else to try. Deleting it from the application multiple times didn't work and many battery pulls failed.
    Keep trying to brainstorm. I HATE not having enough speed dials and typing on the storm with my nails is a pain so this program was going to be my time saver.
    02-05-09 04:25 PM
  5. moosc's Avatar
    Try a battery pull bet that's what's wrong.

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    02-06-09 03:32 PM