1. The Antagonist's Avatar
    Using the Opera Mini browser, I was able to log into the amazon.com site (full site, not mobile) and purchase an mp3 track. The track was then downloaded directly to the music folder on the media card with album art included. I purchased a free track just to test it out and it worked well. Once the purchase is complete the download won't start automatically. You have to click a link that says something like "start download now".

    Clearly this is not the most efficient method of getting mp3s, but I thought it was cool that it could be done at all. A 7MB file that would take a few seconds on a PC took a couple of minutes on the Storm. Good for purchasing music in a pinch if you are out and about. It's DRM free and high quality bit rate.
    12-28-08 08:30 PM
  2. Revolutionary's Avatar
    Anybody have any tips on getting this to work?

    I can get all the way to downloading the track, but then Opera asks for permission to access local content, and the download says "downloading 0/0kb" and finishes after downloading 1Kb.

    (I will note that it does not matter what I try to download with Opera -- file type or size -- it always does the 0/0kb and 1kb download thing...)

    If I chose to "open" the file and try to save it with the default browser, I get "request entity too large."

    Yes, I'm on BES, but I've set the Internet Browser as the default, so I shouldn't be limited on file-size due to MDS.

    01-06-09 02:29 PM
  3. blackops#IM's Avatar
    I do not know if you can right now and dont think they have a mobile download option at all either. Would be interesting though since i prefer it over iTunes music store.
    01-06-09 02:37 PM