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    So I tried upgrading my Storm 2 OS to ...from

    There seems to be an issue with not being able to type in any of my BBM groups with this new OS. I'm positive its the OS because its the second time I've tried to upgrade and the second time I've had to downgrade due to the BBM group issue.

    Now..I'm in the middle of a wireless downgrade. One which I starter an hour and a half ago. The downgrade seems to be at a halt during the "Restore Process" ..its stuck at "99% - BBM Groups" and "15% - Overall". It has been stuck at this point for the past hour. My battery was around 30-40% when I started the process...but maybe half hour after that, during the process, I plugged it in to charge.

    Any ideas?

    Should I battery pull? Will that brick it?

    Im lost...please help.
    07-20-10 08:06 AM