1. mattp13's Avatar
    Just a question all of a sudden i double or triple click and it just messes up my texts and does weird things, any quick fixs on this.
    06-17-10 02:30 PM
  2. Double 0's Avatar
    Not sure. My Storm 2 has been doing the same thing also and it's EXTREMELY annoying. It started happening last week and definitely has me concerned.
    06-17-10 02:37 PM
  3. mattp13's Avatar
    yeah it is quite annoying and I cant figure out a fix for it.
    06-17-10 02:46 PM
  4. cmcichon's Avatar
    What OS are you running?
    06-17-10 04:27 PM
  5. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    Ya that happens on my storm 2.... I would love a fix as it is a big annoyance
    06-17-10 04:33 PM
  6. kyroguy's Avatar
    Fix is getting it swapped out. Mine started doing it when I went to .607. Rolled back to .320 and still had the problem. got it replaced and haven't had the problem since. Same story with my wifes s2.

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    06-17-10 04:58 PM
  7. smarty33's Avatar
    It's very annoying. I put up with it for weeks. Only fix for me was a replacement device. Wish I had done it much sooner.

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    06-17-10 07:40 PM
  8. rafiks's Avatar
    did you guys try to loosen or tighten the torx screw near the battery?
    06-18-10 02:44 AM
  9. smarty33's Avatar
    Yes. I tried everything. New OS, settings, screw. Nothing fixed. Only new phone.

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    06-18-10 07:08 AM
  10. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    its software related. Dont do a torx screw fix for this! The discs sometimes crackles when you press. For now, all we can do is stop for a quick second and repress the same spot again. A battery pull fixes it but usually just a 2nd or 3rd reclick will correct the problem. Call it a device or OS flaw, but its nothing more than that
    06-18-10 09:47 AM