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    I tried to search for existing threads... but couldn't locate one that helped...
    I went from an LG Dare, wich takes amazing photos for a phone, to my Storm. I love the Storm, but the camera part seems to be way below par for the rest of the device... Seeing that Verizon touted the "largest camera in a phone at 3.2 MP!!!" during the marketing.

    Camera is SLOW!
    Quality is POOR!

    Now, for all of you regulars here... I am not dogging the Storm at all. I am thinking that it is my settings. After all, it is a phone, not a camera. I am still on .75... is that the problem?

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
    There is a camera phone that I've found worthy of actually taking some really good pictures which were as good as a decent digital camera. That phone was the Motorola RAZR Max. It had I think a 2MP autofocus camera which took photos with good resolution & fast shutter speeds. It's weakness was the video capture had too much artifacting. When I switched to the Pearl, I was disappointed with the camera, but I would rather have the Pearl's camera over the Storm's at this point even with the lower resolution. BTW, I'm on .75.

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    05-14-09 11:03 AM
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