1. yogi's Avatar
    I don't know if someone know if it will be an OFFICIAL
    OS upgrade (.148) for the Storm from Bell.
    Feel free to let me know.
    Pin me if you want.
    05-31-09 07:49 PM
  2. Lylej2k's Avatar
    Perhaps, if they follow Verizon at all, which I doubt. You can always download the verizon version and delete the vender XML file.
    05-31-09 08:05 PM
  3. DeaconBlue's Avatar
    Bell released an official a few weeks ago, .122. When it came out, all us Verizon folks loaded it too by downloading and deleting the vendor.xml file. You can do the same once the Official appears on VZW's site, or you can just load the leak version now, as it's the same.

    .148 is .148 is .148, as they say.
    05-31-09 08:13 PM