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    Long time viewer, first time poster.
    I have noticed that throughout the course of the day, the application memory fluxuates from my all time high 34.1MB (fresh after a battery pull) to like 9.3 MB.
    Why is that? I dont have a lot of apps of my blackberry at all.
    Slacker, Google Maps, youtube, shazam ticketmaster and where.
    most of the time, theyre all closed to. not being utilized whatsoever and yet it still seems to get lower and lower.
    is this a memory leak or somethiong bad?
    I notice that when its at its all time low,
    I'm running leaked OS .113 which is totally kick *** except for the whole MMS issue which totally blows. I try and fwd pic messages and the message is blacked out. also with uploaded pics from the computer theyre blacked out.
    I cant wait for a new OS from Verizon....I mean seriously...not since last year have we got one.
    I dont think I'll buy into the hype of the new blackberry storm 2 either...unless they offer us like a fat discount on it but being money hungry Verizon I think NOT.
    04-14-09 11:38 AM