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    Wow, I'm just full of questions. Anyway, like I've already said in a different thread I'm new to this Blackberry stuff, I orginally started out trying to upgrade to .109 on my home computer. Something went wrong. I tried to do a system restore at a point I knew was okay before I started playing around. However, I was able to successfully upgrade to .109 using DM (both same versions of DM) on my work computer. After playing around with my Storm, I discovered the mms issue, so I downgraded back to .75. Everything is still fine on my work computer, but I'm still having several issues on my home laptop. For one, when I start the DM, I get some kind of sync. error and it tells me to reset the configuration. I did that, but now when I try to configure things with Outlook again. Outlook doesn't show up as one of the options. Another issue seems to be now I can't get movies to covert using my Wondershare software. Again, it works fine at work. I'm pretty sure this is all related to the attempts to upgrade and downgrade because I didn't have any of these issues before. Am I making any sense? If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. If you need further explanation, let me know. Thanks.
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