1. bralex08's Avatar
    when i upgraded to .148 i did a back-up. but now all my pictures are gone and i can't find them. are they gone?
    05-31-09 10:00 AM
  2. bralex08's Avatar
    ok i found them......the back-up makes 2 different folders it seems. one of them had my pictures in it. thankfully. i guess you guys can close this now, thnx.
    05-31-09 10:25 AM
  3. blueskyjunkie's Avatar
    Glad you found them. Something I've found that helps is I have all my Blackberry stuff in a folder called Blackberry. I then have subfolders called OS, backups, app backups, etc. This keeps things much more organized and makes it very easy for me to look through and make sure I've backed up everything before I do an upgrade. It also keeps everything right there in case I ever need to restore a previous backup, downgrade OS, etc.
    05-31-09 11:33 AM