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  1. GeneralMills's Avatar
    06-19-09 12:11 AM
  2. andrewa124's Avatar
    The poster about the train is too funny. Keep us updated as to progress.

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    06-19-09 12:22 AM
  3. diverbelow's Avatar
    Paypal dispute. It's totally a scam. Plus the dispute process is slow enough, don't waste any more time.
    Yes Pay Pal is slow, but if you mark it with higher priority, you can see your money returned faster. I was in the same boat, issued a claim with Pay Pal, waited for more then 5 days, marked my complaint with higher priority and got my money quicker.
    06-19-09 12:41 AM
  4. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    As a very VERY frequent user of sites like Ebay, I can tell you right now that the quicker you file a claim, the more likely you are to not only get your money back, but you will save yourself a lot of aggravation and hassle. In the rare event you do end up getting the phone in the mail like she claimed to have mailed, if I were you the first thing I would do would be to make sure the phone hasn't been reported lost or stolen.
    06-19-09 12:49 AM
  5. KC13's Avatar
    Is the tracking number even valid?..
    Yep! And the dispute is still in effect.
    06-19-09 03:08 AM
  6. rob_ashsu's Avatar
    06-19-09 03:32 AM
  7. paultyler_82's Avatar
    KEEP THE DISPUTE IN EFFECT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY... Heh, sorry, seriously, since she's already proven to be rather un-trustworthy, keep your Paypal dispute in effect until you receive the package, open it, make sure the Storm is working, and have verified that you can activate it. Once you close your dispute, you cannot file another on the same transaction, so just keep it there until you can verify she didn't send you a brick in a box, a non-working phone, or a blacklisted phone. If you've made it a claim, PayPal will have frozen the money in her account until the dispute is satisfied or until you have lifted the claim.
    06-19-09 03:52 AM
  8. Fleury75's Avatar

    I think you just got had by a 15 year old.
    06-19-09 03:54 AM
  9. VZWBB's Avatar
    I agree with paultyler_82 on this one. I see she sent an email and a tracking number. Thats a start but not the end all be all.

    I've bought/sold plenty of things on ebay over the years, just getting into craigslist/kijiji type of thing now...but even ebay...I've heard it all.

    I had one guy who bought some stuff from me, granted it wasn't anything special at all, but he bought it and never paid. Took a couple of weeks...finally caught up with him, said his wife just passed. Um ya, thats what I do..tell people about super serious personal stuff weeks after the fact when they are disputing stuff? Suuurrreeee....riiight.

    The guy finally pays and I get his address and its like motel 6, room 128, in ohio when he was originally out of virginia or something? lol, he paid and I sent him his stuff but still..

    I understand personal things that get in the way of stuff like this, but I dunno, if something really bad happened I think I would AT LEAST inform those I am dealing with that some personal stuff happened and it might take longer, and on MY OWN ACCORD as well....not after someone files a dispute.

    I still am very untrusting of craigslist and whatnot...even more so than ebay. Usually you have people on CL who want to show up at your house or what your number...umm don't think so. Very rarely if ever do i hand out my number and i never meet anyone at my house. Public place in the area? Sure. House...no way lol.
    06-19-09 10:02 AM
  10. grgiwoyna's Avatar
    I think you're doing the right thing and hopefully you'll get the device you bought in the condition advertised (whatever that was). Let's hope it's not a stolen BB and one that's been blacklisted.

    While I think these types of sites really do fill a niche and serve a purpose, you definitely go into it with, unfortunately, a "buyer beware" mentality. Granted, you're not talking a diamonds or anything, but I'm not sure I'd buy a phone this way. Personally, I'd rather pay a little extra and buy from a store - at least you get a little peace of mind knowing it's something you can return within a certain period of time if unsatisfied.

    I've bought tons on eBay over the years and, luckily, have never had an issue, but I've heard too many stories like this - just from this site alone - about people buying from eBay, Craig's List, etc. as they pertain to electronic devices - though it can certainly happen with anything.
    06-19-09 10:41 AM
  11. KC13's Avatar
    The dispute is still in effect and the Storm is on it's way. I'll get rid of the dispute once I get it, open it, and activate it!
    06-19-09 01:23 PM
  12. dc5dave's Avatar
    yeah... honestly keep that dispute in effect until you receive the item.. because like the previous person said.. once you close it.. its over..
    06-19-09 01:29 PM
  13. PensHockey's Avatar
    Ya you get it and go in to activate it and find out that is stolen! Activate then cancel the dispute.
    06-19-09 06:43 PM
  14. Vince82's Avatar
    One thing is for certain you did the right thing by paying with Paypal, if she does not give you your $ back they will draft it from her account. And her not checking her email is a full load of bs!!! If she has a Storm odd's are she has a BB and I know she has her email's funneling through her phone. So you did the right thing and filed a dispute. I had this same problem happen when PS3 came out. Paypal will handle it pretty quickly!!
    06-19-09 07:00 PM
  15. KC13's Avatar
    She Sent Me Shampoo Samples In The Box That *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-23-09 12:08 PM
  16. pstinger's Avatar
    OMFG Seriously?

    Shampoo instead of a Storm. Wow.
    06-23-09 12:10 PM
  17. KC13's Avatar
    i'm so upset
    06-23-09 12:16 PM
  18. pstinger's Avatar
    That really sucks, man. I bought mine off of ebay and had no trouble (other than the FedEx guy trying to deliver to the wrong effing house!).
    06-23-09 12:19 PM
  19. ReneeGray's Avatar
    Are you serious!?
    Is it nice shampoo at least? Sorry.

    Wow if this is true I'm really sorry to hear that. I've been following this thread waiting to see what happened. Man that's bad!

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    06-23-09 12:23 PM
  20. KC13's Avatar
    i'll take pictures of my Blackberry Soap 9830: Alberto Edition
    06-23-09 12:31 PM
  21. amojeba's Avatar
    i'll take pictures of my Blackberry Soap 9830: Alberto Edition
    OMG. That sucks.
    How's the dispute with PayPal going?
    06-23-09 12:37 PM
  22. KC13's Avatar
    Well, I called them and they switched the dispute to "Inacqurate Delivery" or something like that. I'm contacting Ontario Police as well as Winnipeg Police.
    06-23-09 12:47 PM
  23. amojeba's Avatar
    Bah that's BS!
    Paypal should draft the money out of her acct asap!
    06-23-09 12:50 PM
  24. m3grady2's Avatar
    Yes you got got. Lls.

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    06-23-09 01:02 PM
  25. KC13's Avatar
    Ugh, is there a high chance I'll get my money back?
    06-23-09 01:04 PM
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