1. wxologist's Avatar
    Ok...so I've searched this forum and google...and I'm not sure if this issue is specifically with me or if this is a setting I don't know about.

    After I place a call from the call log usually the speakerphone/mute/flash/participant buttons appear. However...with certain numbers...the dial pad appears. Does anyone know why this occurs? I would like the speakerphone et al. buttons to appear all the time and would like to set this back for those to appear after the call is place.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
    02-08-10 11:54 PM
  2. USMC3531Wife's Avatar
    I am having the same issue. It used to happen when I called my speed dial #5...then I had to get a replacement Storm because my speaker went out and now it appears when I call my speed dial #2. I really can't figure out why it's doing this. I've googled and searched on here as well.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    05-12-10 04:00 PM