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    Hey yall!

    I have a n00bish question to ask. I have a storm2 9550 on the telus network. Whenever I'm in the states, for my phone to work, I have to change the setting in my network technology option from 1x evdo to global. Upon doing that I get a msg on my home screen that reads please insert Sim card.

    A friend with bell who has the first generation storm does not have to change their network options. His phone just works. He also does not get an insert sim card message like I do and suggested that maybe my phone was unlocked. I doubt my phone would be unlocked as it was brand new in the box from the Telus dealership.

    I'm not the most technologically advanced person on the planet so for all I know, what I have to go through is normal. Can someone on here who is a bit more tech savy verify that what my phone does is normal and offer an explaination as to why it asks for a Sim card even though data and phone work fine without a Sim card?

    Thanks a lot!

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    06-10-10 04:55 PM