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    I did a search and did not find the exact solution for my issue.

    I got my first blackberry last week (storm) but had 2 PDA's Phones before (Treo and XV6800/Mogul) both running Windows.

    When I sync my Storm the pop up screen notifies me that it will delete 1xx calander ideas from Outlook. I have Desktop Manager set up for a 2-way sync. Transfer items 180 day prior to today and 365 days after today. Now why would it delete (from Outlook) anything before over 180 days? Is that because it is a 2-way sync? I generally make changes and additions to my calander from both my device and the computer and I do not want the wrong information to stay while the new updated information gets overwritten.

    Also after I understand the above issue better is there a better way to sync or faster. I have 1000 contacts and the Desktop Manager checks everyone even though no changes have been made to them. I remember active sync just made the handful of changes which was faster.

    Sometimes appointments that I havn't even touched will change or be deleted even though I have this set for sync all appointments.

    I also noticed that my times for all day events change/shift to 4am/5am start and 4am/5am end the following day.

    02-21-09 10:17 AM
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    I assume you are using BIS not BES if so, it has to do with the fact that the Storm can maintain multiple calendar - but outlook only one. You need to set a default calendar in advanced options and stick to all entries with that one. Otherwise Outlook won't see them and will want to delete them.

    One way to reset it to do an advanced backup and clear the calendar entries from the Storm. Then set the default associated email address and do one way since from Outlook to the Storm. You should be good after that. I hope I explained it well enough. If not PM me.

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    02-21-09 10:35 AM
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    Yes, I am using BIS.

    Well I thought deleting the cical's in the service books for the unassociated e-mail accounts would work but it didn't. No issues on sync this morning. This afternoon after only making 2 changes on my outlook calendar. Both were additions. While sync desktop manager wanted to delete around 1100 appointments from the past. One happened to be from the 9th of this month. What could I possibly be missing?

    After re-reading your post I will retry what you suggested. I think that I did this already but I try again.
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