1. stormed's Avatar
    I typically use AIM quite often on the storm but I do find it does get into a state where it disconnects from the AIM network but to a point where I won't really know it's disconnected unless I send another aim.

    I was wondering if I should or if anyone can suggest switching over to another IM app that is more stable than the default AIM client. (I really only use aim and not any of the other other chat networks)
    02-22-09 11:07 PM
  2. kentl901's Avatar

    I had the same problem as you. That app is good!
    02-23-09 12:02 AM
  3. altezzaboy03's Avatar
    I prefer Beejive over instango but they haven't released a new version for Storm yet

    This makes me sad.

    Beejive can support chat, notifications, get links, etc.

    I couldn't do any of that in Instango. if anyone else is able to, please educate me
    02-23-09 12:57 AM
  4. jon341427's Avatar
    you can get beejive running by with compatibility mode. if i remember correctly, you have to use the version meant for the bold. and use the desktop manager to load it in your BB.
    02-23-09 01:06 AM
  5. stormed's Avatar
    Awesome - dling instango now to check it out.

    tried IM+ - quirky at best with the storm
    02-24-09 12:03 PM
  6. blopez24's Avatar
    I preffer the aim app right now instago lags to much on my phone.
    02-24-09 12:05 PM
  7. stormed's Avatar
    I preffer the aim app right now instago lags to much on my phone.
    Yea, just installed instango and while does look quite nice, it seems to be missing out on aim's if I'm logged in to multiple locations. Giving it another try but hit this issue on first setup.

    I'm assuming that it should be connecting using SSL and BIS.

    As for the default AIM application, I still think it works great, it was just the random disconnects from the AIM network without any notification for you to relog back in.
    02-24-09 01:41 PM
  8. PeekPoke's Avatar
    I also experience the random disconnects with the builtin AIM app. It sucks since I won't know when it happens until I attempt to send a message (as all indicators/icons suggest that I'm still logged in).
    02-24-09 07:04 PM
  9. youngchosn1's Avatar
    on my aim app i cant see the buddy icons even tho i have the setting checked
    02-24-09 07:22 PM