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    and have a 3-in-one thread rather than ask them seperatley in different forms. Any help or comments will be appreciated.

    1. Opera Mini- Sometime when I input text into something, the browser acts like I input the text into the URL. This is usually fixed by inputing the text again until it works but man is this annoying sometimes. Does anyone have any solutions? I think that gently taping the BB button usually works and I lowered my tap interval.

    2- More of a continuation of #2. I've noticed that this has been getting really bad when trying to input comments/write on a persons Facebook wall or myspace. Is anyone else noticing this? Myspace mail sending is almost impossible now. Everytime I type up a paragraph it acts like I input it into the URL, and retyping everything is usually not worth it.

    and 3. I had a replacement my phone. Everything worked out great and I had my two Yahoo! accounts setup on it, but new emails dont show up on my phone anymore. I can still see the two icons on my phone but they are always empty. I've tried resending the books but that didnt work. Any more ideas?

    Once again, thanks in advance for any input :]
    02-09-09 10:13 PM