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    I am a new Storm owner (got it today), and a first time BlackBerry user. Ive been checking out CB.com since prior to the Storms release, and have been following developments, issues, etc through the forums. I wanted to be as prepared as possible for when I actually picked-up a Storm (Im a long-time committed Verizon Wireless customer of 12+ years).

    I spent quite a bit of time today experimenting with my Storm and have a few basic (hopefully) questions:

    My 2 yahoo email accounts were quick and easy to set-up, but it wasnt quite what I was expecting. I dont see my entire inbox (or other folders), and I only see new received emails. Im guessing thats the way it should be, correct? If I want to view my entire inbox (and other folders), I need to use my browser or use my PC, correct? BTW - I love the "Push Email" (correct term?) feature and notification.

    For my calendars Ive been using Google Calendar, so I downloaded the Google Sync app (disabled contacts sync) and then syncd my Google Calendars. I was presented with 2 additional calendars for my 2 Yahoo email accounts. I found a tip in one of the threads here on CB.com to delete the associated CICAL Service Books and that worked great. I still had an issue with Google Calendar where I added an event / appointment on my Storm in the Calendar, manually syncd, but it would not show-up in my Google Calendar online. I tried it several times and could not get it to work. I tried to delete my Google Sync account and start over, but all of my appointments remained on my calendar on my Storm. I then connected my Storm to my PC and cleared all of the calendar events using the BB Desktop Manager. Any tips on setting-up my Google Calendars this time around so I can have bi-directional syncing?

    Since Ive mentioned the BB DM, my next question is about using it. To begin with, it was not at all what I was expecting. I thought that it would have some application functionality in it. For instance, I was expecting a contact management system where I could add the info for my contacts and then sync to my BB Storm. (FYI its been a while since I used a PDA (Palm), and Palm's desktop app had that type of functionality). My current contact management is kind of a mess: names and phone numbers are stored on my previous phone (LG enV); names and email addresses are stored in my Yahoo email accounts; and physical addresses for contacts are mostly on envelopes (i.e. return addresses) or scraps of paper in a folder in my desk (and I'm not kidding). I would like to get all of my contacts info together in one place and now that I have a BB, its the ideal time. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations for one central repository for all of the info, and then be able to sync it to my Storm. Should I use one of my Yahoo email accounts? Or should I try something else (FYI I do have MS Outlook on my PC and I used Verizon's Back-Up Assist on my enV)?

    For my To Do list, Ive been using Toodledo (http:||www_toodledo_com) and I think that its a fantastic app. I have an 1st Gen iPod Touch (8GB) that I use mainly for music, some games, and a few apps. One of the apps is Toodledo, so I have been syncing (via Wi-Fi) my iPod Touch to keep my current To Do list with me. I want to use Toodledo with my Storm, but Toodledo does not offer a BB app or support. I could use the Storm browser to view it, but I canot view it instantly like I am used to. I will probably stick with Toodledo until I can research a To Do / GTD app that works better on a BB. My question is that Toodledo offers mobile phone support, but there are three options:

    - WAP 1.0: http:||www_toodledo_com/wap.php
    - WAP 2.0: http:||www_toodledo_com/wap2.php
    - Simple HTML: http:||www_toodledo_com/html/

    Im guessing that I should use the 3rd one (Simple HTML), but Id like to get some confirmation that is the best option for me. Also, Id appreciate any BB To Do / GTD app suggestions.

    Whew, this turned out longer than I expected. But I was able to type it quicker than I thought I my Storm. (jk!) My goal for Day One was to set-up my email, calendar, to-do, and contacts / address book, so Im a little further behind than I wanted to be, but so far its been a blast. I can tell already that Im going to be a BlackBerry addict.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

    Since I'm new, I cannot post any URL's, so all "//" have been replaced by "||" and "." replaced by "_". If you are going to check any of these links out, replace symbols accordingly.
    01-01-09 12:10 AM
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    Right it only sees the email that are new. A copy of what you would get on your PC. It has no knowledge of your old emails stored on your PC or on your ISP.
    This assumes that your PC leaves the emails on your ISP so that they are availble for the STORM to see them too.
    01-01-09 10:06 PM
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    I forward my yahoo mail to gmail and can access old mail via the gmail app

    New mail is still pushed to me

    Nice system

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    01-01-09 10:12 PM
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    Did you ever get the two way sync of your calendar to work? I have the same problem. Google to BB is fine. Appointments entered on the BB do not make it to Google. Thanks.

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    01-06-09 01:28 PM
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    I'm a big advocate of Outlook for one simple reason. Most things work with it and have done for a while. I was like you with my contacts; I was a three phone person, work and home were seperate and as for home addresses; the envelope system I understand but they were never in one place! I found typing into outlook easy and conveniant; it sync'd with the Storm fine. My reason for this choice - it works simply and in a couple of years time when I have a new fangled device of some sort I can be confident that the work I have already put in to sorting my contacts out will be just as useable. Oh, that and the fact that in terms of bi-directional syncing it's spot on. I even started to use the outlook task manager (ok, nowhere near as good as many, but again it syncs with most things and if you find your own system you can still get a lot from it) for the same reasons.
    01-06-09 01:42 PM