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    [QUOTE=CFD323;1226978]Does yours work now?

    I just pulled the batt, then the media card, then put them both back in. Phone fired up and gave me the "Media Card Inserted" then locked on the Verizon screen.[QUOTE]

    I had this same thing happen to me. Very frusterating. I upgraded yesterday at 2:00PM. The phone ran smooth all day, but then at 11:00 it started acting really slow and choppy. My app memory was way up, so that wasn't the problem.

    I did a battery pull and got the same "Media Card Inserted" Messagae. The phone would than go to a Verizon Screen. Although the Accelometer would shift the Verizon Logo, everything else was locked out. I performed four more battery pulls with the same results.

    I let the phone sit with the battery out overnight and rebooted this morning and the phone is running great like before.
    Has anyone else had this happen? Is it because of the upgrade? Are there any other bugs?

    If this happens to anyone else, be patient.
    12-20-08 02:05 PM