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    So about 2-3 months ago, my Storm1 's reception for some reason just crapped out.. I used to get excellent service just about anywhere. Now I average about 1-2 bars where ever I'm at.. I'm dropping calls like 3-4 times a day minimum, I can't use it at home for more than 5 minutes before dropping and when the call isn't dropped the person on the other side is getting pissed because they're tired of saying "WHAT!?".

    NO CLUE why it started doing this! Anyone else have this happen to them? I'm amazed I put up with it for this long. I tried taking it to VZ to explain my problem, but of course not only did they say they weren't able to do anything but they're conveniently located directly in front of a cell phone tower so it looked like I was just trying to get a new phone for free. I've only had this one for a year and a half. Whats going on!?
    10-28-10 02:44 PM