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    I've searched the forums and can't find anything directly related to this, but apologies if I've missed a thread somewhere...

    I have a strange issue when putting my Storm in the desktop cradle. Having set it up to automatically enter bedside mode - but only within certain hours (11pm to 7am) - it will blank the screen after a couple of minutes outside of the bedside hours! Within the bedside hours, it works as it's supposed to - that is, just dims the screen enough to make it visible at night without blinding me! However, during the day it should stay out of bedside mode and thus the screen should not dim at all. This is frustrating; for now I've worked around it by not automatically entering bedside mode, just showing the clock. At night, when putting it in the cradle by the bed, I simply enter bedside mode manually by clicking the screen and choosing bedside mode from the menu - but the feature really should work properly I feel. Am I missing something?!

    Any assistance greatly appreciated!
    05-25-10 02:29 AM