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    Like a few of you I had several hiccups with my new Storm. After reading BGR post about the downgrade, I took into consideration with the massive rush to get the Storm shipped, VZW did not, and probably could not have done the downgrade as proper as possible. Since this has been the place to go to vent I figured that this would be helpful.

    Here are several amazing tutorials that new users and CrackBerry Vets could use alike. It's a good chance alot of us forgot about these things.

    Now as far as my personal improvements, the screen took up to 15-20 seconds to rotate. The menus, and the main screen, the one after the home screen would lock up after attempting to select an item. It was a nightmare to say the least. After following these tutorials, rotation is AMAZING, almost to good. No lock ups and scrolling any menu or page is silky smooth (even though "rubber band" scrolling is a very much need feature in my opinion: RIM/VZW you reading this).

    With all tutorials, I or the authors of these tutorials do not take any responsibility if you damage or brick your phone. If you do not know what you are doing then dont do it. Find someone who is savy enough, that you trust to do these steps.

    Below is what I did to improve my phone.

    Download/Install BB Desktop Manager 4.7

    If it says there is an update, skip this. It really wont matter here in a minute.

    If you have contacts, email etc., do a backup. I did backup all device application data.

    After you are done with your backup, close out DM 4.7.

    Go to this site and download the OS. This is the .65 OS not .82. Dont get your hopes up

    BB Storm .65 OS

    Save to your desktop for easy access if you so choose. Just make sure you can find it.

    While that is downloading go ahead and access this tutorial.

    Proper Upgrade/Downgrade Procedures

    In this tutorial is a link for JL_Cmdr, download that and save, and unzip. Again make sure you can find it.

    Here is a quick link for JL_Cmdr Here

    PLEASE read the tutorial for the upgrade/downgrade and Crucial's How to wipe with JL_Cmdr

    Note: On the upgrade/downgrade I skipped steps 6, 8, and 10.

    After you have followed the upgrade/downgrade and JL_Cmdr tutorials, you have a fresh clean crisp OS that has had the love and attention that us Crackberries always give our amazing devices.

    I know this always posted on a release of a device but being a former WM user I know how important an OS is and the quality of installation of the device can affect its performance. I think that this has alot to do with how our Storms are performing.

    I hope this helps and will give you a better experience with your new Storm.

    Also for out CrackBerry Newbies, here is the best tutorial on the internets.
    Blackberry 101 Lectures

    Thank you Crucial and bmcclure937 for your tutorials.

    Update: I tested my accelerometer against that other phone and I must say the Storm blew it away. I know pics or it didnt happen lol, I will try to get a video tomarrow.
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    Subscription = Activated!

    Thanks for the tips!!!
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    Good job man and thanks. Hopefully by the time I get one everything will be fixed. I'm not about to pay full price for it. I'll just wait until February or March if I decide to get one then.

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    Thanks for this post. As a new BB user I really need this.
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    Bump, Mods could you maybe sticky this and change the topic to "How to improve your Storm" or something more appropriate then what is up there, I kinda think alot of people are passing over this when it has some good info.
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    Bump, since its peak time on here maybe this could help a few.
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    This is a great post from CX and team. I am reminded of the old'n days of lurking here reading all those "Geniuses".

    What ever happened to all those old school techies? CX seems to be the only one left posting these days.
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    I dont know, they probably still here, watching over us like the "gods" they are lol
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    This will be my first mod...oh wait, that is my car enthusiast side taking over.
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    bump 10 char
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    I just followed these directions and everything appeared to work. Then, when I restored my backuped settings and started using the phone again I noticed some issues:

    1) My browser appears to have disappeared - Fixed by going to Options->Advanced Options->Host Routing Table and selecting "Register Now" from the BlackBerry menu.

    2) When I go into the "Email Reconciliation" options inside "Message Options" I just get a blank screen - Fixed somehow after adding and removing my e-mail online and on the phone. Can't really explain what happened.

    Any ideas?
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