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    I have a storm unlocked under tmobile on .132 My internet never laods and if it does it will take like 10 minutes if not longer and thats no lie. The only signle i get ever is lower case gprs and have never seen EDGE or anything capital does anybody no the problem
    05-13-09 12:49 PM
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    05-13-09 02:42 PM
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    I'm not too sure about this, but you may need to change some settings since you're using a 9530. Try this step which was posted by dwclarkNU on anothet post:

    Forcing the Phone to use GSM
    1. Pull the battery out and pull the Verizon SIM card out. Easiest way is with a pencil eraser.
    2. Put the new SIM card from either TMobile of ATT in and put the battery back in.
    3. When the phone finally boots back up go to Options -> Mobile Network
    4. Change the Network Technology to GSM/UMTS
    5. Hit the back button and wait as your GSM carrier is detected and the phone is registered with them.

    You can also try changing the APN settings: go to options, TCP/IP settings, APN: enter in internet2.voicestream.com or ecp.tmobile.com.

    All else fails. Battery pull and resend the service books.

    I'm using the 9500 on tmobile. You should be seeing an EDGE icon underneath your signal level in the top right corner.

    Good luck!
    05-13-09 02:57 PM
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    Thank you alot that got the internet actully moving pretty quick even on GPRS but i still never see edge or EDGE
    05-13-09 03:06 PM