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    Hey guys. So i have my outlook (were a microsoft shop) sync'd up with my new storm but i have a couple of questions.

    First off when i set my email up i put "Work Email" as the mailbox name but it never saves. It keeps reverting back to my email address. is this a bug?

    Next When i set up my signature thru DM it doesn not transfer over to my blackberry. Is that only for the BB mail thru VZW? Can the DM do those types of tasks for all email acounts?

    One last thing. Somehow the little red astrisk no longer shows on my SMS/IM message button when a new one comes in. I dont know how i removed this but i really like this feature. IT still works for BBM and Visual Voice Mail but not email or the SMS/IM. Anyone know how to fix this?
    02-18-09 05:22 PM
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    When you first create an email account, it sets the email address as the default. Go to your email account from the email settings app and highlight the account you want to change. Now click the edit button on the bottom of the screen. Finally edit the email account name to "Work Email." Repeat this for any other accounts.

    To get a signature to save for your emails you can also do it from the email settings app on the storm. After logging into the site from the app, click the account you want to change the signature for and scroll to the signature line to change it to what you want displayed. Now just repeat this for your other email accounts.

    The red asterisk not displaying can be from turning it off and is also a glitch on some of the OS available. To turn it back on if you think you turned it off: Click Message> Press the BB Key> Options> General Options> Display New Message Indicator: Yes.

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