03-01-09 08:54 PM
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  1. toxman's Avatar
    So the point of this thread is what? An attempt to brag? What is it about Apple products that compels them to shove it in the faces of others?

    It is possible to enjoy the phone that's right for you without being obnoxious about it. Anyway, congrats with finding your match.
    03-01-09 05:17 PM
  2. pipotobe's Avatar
    Not true at all, the iPhone was NEVER the complete desaster the Storm is.

    The Storm is simply a "Me Too!!!" device, times have changed and RIM has been passed like they are standing still. iPhone, Android, and soon Pre are all head and sholders above in EVERY regaurd.
    I don't own a Iphone and I have to agree with you.
    The Storm is not a bad phone but it should come with a lifetime membership to Crackberry.com.

    Anybody here is member of the blackberry owner lounge.... yup that what I thought. Rim needs to make an official statement.

    Per example: The storm is not perfect but we are working a new Os that will be release (put the date here). The App store is coming (put the date here) and you will be blown away by your device.
    03-01-09 05:23 PM
  3. skylock's Avatar
    I think each phone has it's +'s and -'s. Neither is perfect.

    You have to decide which +'s are most important to you, then pick that phone. In my case BB won, even though I liked the iphone better.

    If Apple and RIM got together and met somewhere in the middle, they could rule the world.
    03-01-09 06:10 PM
  4. nneptune#CB's Avatar
    Enjoy that AT&T reception!
    I just love people who pop in to "brag" about their money and their magical phone.

    I'm gonna have to give my Storm a little kiss now.. you hurt its feelings! hee hee!
    03-01-09 06:14 PM
  5. substring's Avatar
    Yes, I don't see how the Storm is a "me too" device either. Apple DID NOT invent touch screen, contrary to what many people believe. Touch screen has been around for many years. The good 'ole pocket PC have touch screen. Yes, you have to use a stylus, but it is nevertheless a touch screen.

    You can say Apple "improved" touch screen, but they didn't invent touch screen.
    03-01-09 06:58 PM
  6. jrmckins's Avatar
    I love the storm. I probably would have switched to the iPhone when it first came out except my IT department wouldn't support it and it's AT&T only. AT&T is horrible where I live. I had it for a year and would constantly drop calls. I almost threw my phone out my car window one day because I was so pissed at it dropping calls.
    03-01-09 08:54 PM
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