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    Hi, I need software for my Storm that will convert jpeg files to pdf format. Does anyone know of software written for the Storm (preferably that is free or cheap) that does this?

    I know you are asking "Why do you need to convert a jpeg to pdf?" Well, I work for a company called CrossCom that wants you to carry around a laptop with an aircard to perform this operation: Take a digital picture of your work order after the job is completed and the customer has signed it, then upload it to the company portal in pdf format from the worksite. I have no idea why they need it in pdf format, but they won't accept it any other way. Silly, huh? I would rather not carry around a laptop. And I would rather not have the extra step of transferring the file from my camera or phone to my laptop. I just want to convert or embed the jpeg to a pdf document. I called Verizon and they referred me to the forums. Can anyone help me?

    I have also posted this question on blackberryforums
    03-24-09 11:39 AM
  2. aimetti's Avatar
    haha its a bad day when verizon tells their customers to go to the forums.

    aside from that im not sure if there is an app for that , if so id love this too
    03-24-09 01:44 PM
  3. nabitheking's Avatar
    This might work for you, but a free account lets you convert an image like only 3~4 times a month.

    www . qipit . com

    Of course you gotta take out the spaces... you should check it out.
    03-24-09 04:52 PM
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    Hey Matt- Same issue here with crosscom. The new system sucks. But I am going in a different direction. They have an efax server - so I downloaded a fax program for blackberrys.Free Trial - if it works its like 9 bucks a month.

    So what you do is take a picture of your invoice with your BB.And email it to yourself - then "print" the attachment -and you can use a fax to print to. I am still trying to work out some kinks but it looks like it will work. I will let you know when I do. F thenm for putting us through this BS and charging us to get paid!

    But I need the work so SHHHHHHH!

    Software is by a company called -cortado
    05-21-09 12:48 AM