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    So while on vacation last wee, my S2 took a crap. It just kept rebooting, never totally completing the cycle. I tried battery pulls and removing the memory card for the restarts. Nothing worked, and the handset wound up frying itself. So, the awesome rep at VZ overnighted a new one to me since I have no other phones. In less than 24 hours, this one started doing the same thing. The only apps I reloaded were crackberry superstore, BBM (newest version), appworld, freddie falling, buddyguard pro, and aim. My next step is to try a security wipe and start fresh if I can get this one to start again. I run a mac, and can't get DM on my husband's PC to connect to it to force a reload through app loader. I did call VZW again last night and there is another one on its way, but of course it won't be here til tomorrow. Any insights? Thanks guys!


    PS _ I'm not looking for fixes, I know those. I'm hunting for causes!
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    possible it could be some of your apps ? not sure but its a possibility when you get your replacement try not loading any of them with the exception of bbm
    08-23-10 06:36 PM
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    i am having the same issues. My old phone started lagging really bad so i did a battery pull and it never would go thru the cycle completely to restart. Got a replacement and now this one is starting to lag and run slow after like 8 hours which is weird. Also has started the random reboots during the day. So im tryin to go thru and delete apps and start reloading them one by one again to see what it may be. It could be anything with all the apps getting updated recently to work with bb 6 and the torch. Plus the only thing new i loaded was QL

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