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    Okay, so I have 309 contacts in my phone...I used DM to back up my contacts, as I do on a regular basis, as well as used Backup Assistant through VZW to back them up, also on a regular basis. When I log into backup assistant, it shows all 309 contacts. If I try to export the file of all my contacts, only 3 export. The same 3 that DM backs up, and the same three that get imported and synced with thunderbird everytime. I have 309 contacts...Why the **** is it only backing up 3? Anybody seen this before...Been a BB user for years, definitely consider myself good with computers...Here I find myself at a loss....Somebody must have seen this before...

    Oh, the reason I'm trying to back up the contacts and found this out is that I need to get them onto my iTouch so I can use them to e-mail stuff from there instead of first e-mailing to my BB and then on to the contact.

    I'm now worried I'll lose all but 3 of my contacts though if anything happens to my phone...Somebody help! :facepalm:
    08-13-10 12:41 AM