1. bad-s's Avatar
    after i upgraded OS's a while back i noticed that my contacts were in a wierd order. They were in alphabetical order but there is 2 different lists. like A-Z with random names then A-Z again with the rest of the names. i cant figure out how they are separated or why. ive changed the options on the menu with no luck. its not a huge deal but still a bit annoying. anyone experience this or have an answer for me?
    02-23-09 02:27 AM
  2. ArmaK's Avatar
    I haven't seen or heard of this happening before but there is almost always a solution. I would try to sync your contacts list with either Microsoft Outlook through DM or use Google Sync to sync it with a gmail account. This way you can go through the problem contacts and check to see if the account information is being displayed on something other than the BB. Then you can also make modifications of the contacts quicker before syncing them back to the storm.

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    02-23-09 02:41 AM