1. daso's Avatar
    I currently have my storm set up through my companies enterprise server where I've all ways done OTA activation when I've upgraded my os. All my contacts, etc are on the server. I'm leaving my company and keeping my Storm. I'll be switching my service to the regular blackberry plan. If I do a backup while my phone is set up for the enterprise server, will I have a problem re-installing them when I've gone to the personal BB service instead. Any suggestions?
    05-26-09 02:18 PM
  2. toylvr's Avatar
    I'm not sure of the answer of reinstalling from a DM backup, but the contacts are stored in a single database on your phone. I would think they are going to stay on your phone in the default contacts db. Regardless, I would suggest backing up your contacts from your work desktop PC into a .pst file (Personal Folder File) by exporting them, assuming you are using Outlook. This way, if you lose them on your phone, you can import them into another instance of Outlook or maybe even Outlook Express (not sure since I don't use it) on your home PC. You can then sync them using DM from there.
    05-26-09 02:40 PM
  3. daso's Avatar
    thanks. I just wasn't sure as I've always been on BES.
    05-27-09 09:32 AM