1. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Is working with BB Maps......
    11-21-08 09:24 AM
  2. fishpick's Avatar
    Without a photo - this tread is dead to me...
    11-21-08 09:45 AM
  3. nick125's Avatar
    My GPS is working in Blackberry Maps, but Google Maps isn't working. I'll fiddle around with it some more.
    11-21-08 09:58 AM
  4. nyc_rock's Avatar
    How bizzare is it the VZ would cripple the gps on the curve but not on the storm?
    11-21-08 10:11 AM
  5. dollardb's Avatar
    GPS works fine in the UK on Vodafone
    11-21-08 10:19 AM
  6. Accidental Post's Avatar
    Pics coming just went outside
    11-21-08 10:24 AM
  7. Accidental Post's Avatar
    PIcs of BB Maps

    11-21-08 10:27 AM
  8. fishpick's Avatar
    spaciorek - nice photos (thanks!) - 2 questions:
    1 - any luck with Google Maps?
    2 - do you have the VZNavigator service enabled on this phone?
    11-21-08 10:30 AM
  9. imann101's Avatar
    In google maps there is that radius ring around the blue dot. How do you get the satellites to search to make it a tighter radius?
    11-21-08 10:31 AM
  10. Accidental Post's Avatar
    No on the VZ Navigator Downloading google maps now
    11-21-08 10:32 AM
  11. fishpick's Avatar
    No on the VZ Navigator Downloading google maps now
    As far as forums go - spaciorek - you may be "the man".

    Eagerly awaiting the Google Maps findings and photos!
    11-21-08 10:34 AM
  12. tcoche's Avatar
    How and where do you get google maps on this mother?

    11-21-08 10:37 AM
  13. Accidental Post's Avatar
    No luck with Google maps
    11-21-08 10:37 AM
  14. Accidental Post's Avatar
    hit the browser and type google maps blackberry first link will do ya
    11-21-08 10:38 AM
  15. fishpick's Avatar
    No luck with Google maps
    Damn them VZW money grubbing dirt bags.

    Thanks man - I do appreciate your work time.

    Enjoy the new toy, err, I mean, uhh, phone
    11-21-08 10:40 AM
  16. redwings1914's Avatar
    Google Maps is up and working...pictures in a minute
    11-21-08 10:45 AM
  17. imann101's Avatar
    google maps works fine, its just not completely accurate until you sync it with the satellites, but I'm not sure how to do that yet
    11-21-08 10:50 AM
  18. Accidental Post's Avatar
    You guys are getting location by the cell otwers not gps you will notice blue dot that is cell tower estimating
    11-21-08 10:52 AM
  19. uofmrapper's Avatar
    I reported Google Maps not working a .65 demo I used on Thursday and got the reply that it can take up to 30 minutes to get the satellites the first time (seems a little long to me...)


    How long did you give it to acquire the satellites?
    11-21-08 10:57 AM
  20. Accidental Post's Avatar
    took it outside and bb maps was almost instant see pics above tried google maps and it seemed forever will try again later...
    11-21-08 10:58 AM
  21. uofmrapper's Avatar
    Civic posted in http://forums.crackberry.com/f86/gps-google-maps-98924/ that it only works on VZ Nav and Google maps...

    Beginning to think we're screwed again.

    Go to Nav4All - Free gps navigation for your mobile phone! and try downloading that and seeing if it works.
    11-21-08 11:08 AM
  22. TallyDAWG's Avatar
    If I'm reading this correctly, GPS will only work as GPS with BB app

    Q: Is the GPS locked down like typical Verizon BlackBerrys?

    A: Kind of… The Verizon Storm’s A-GPS is locked to Verizon (the tech that speeds up getting a GPS fix by using the cellular network to triangulate your approximate position) but the actual GPS chip is not. That means you’re free to use any BlackBerry GPS application your hearts desire without any worry of Big Red crippling your dreams.
    11-21-08 11:11 AM
  23. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    took it outside and bb maps was almost instant see pics above tried google maps and it seemed forever will try again later...
    Just to let everyone know since there was a few posts in the past couple of days arguing this. If GPS doesn't work indoors, aGPS is not active and working for BBMaps (as indicated by all Verizon docs I've seen). Just a little fyi... that's why it works outside and not inside for BBMaps.

    Also, it's possible (but doubtful) that Google Maps will work with the standalone GPS maybe after another release. If RIM changed the API calls to the GPS chipset in 4.7, obviously they will need to be rewritten for Google to properly issue commands and request location, but I doubt that because of the way the documents read.
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    11-21-08 11:13 AM
  24. zoomy942's Avatar
    you could try wls.live.com also for a gps test
    11-21-08 11:14 AM
  25. kevin.py's Avatar
    It sounds like you're using the "My Location" function on Google maps, I looked at it on my 8830, it doesnt work very well, it often thinks im miles away from where I am, google apparently tried to launch their own A-GPS, I never really looked into how they thought they could get access to location based tracking on the carrier's networks, then again, im pretty sure verizon is one of the only carriers that has closed GPS
    11-21-08 11:35 AM