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    Okay, my issue -
    Gmail uses "labels" instead of "folders". That's fine, and offers some advantages.
    Now, I like to move incoming mail, using filters, into folders - which I have done for years on my POP accounts. My Gmail accounts and IMAP, and my Blackberry seem to be making this a little tricky. I love IMAP, but here is the tricky part.
    When setting up FILTERS in Gmail (actually at the web account), if I "Apply a Label" and leave "Skip the Inbox (Archive)" UN-checked, the mail on my computers winds up in both the correct labeled folder AND still in my Inbox, but DOES show up properly on my Blackberry. I don't want it both in my Inbox AND the Labeled folder on my computers. HOWEVER, if I CHECK "Skip the Inbox" when creating that filter, I get the desired results on all my desktop systems, but have to access the new messages on my Blackberry by opening the mailbox, clicking "Filter", and "All Mail", because the Blackberry seems to default to only showing new messages that are in the Inbox.

    I'm not sure if there is some way to get this all working the way I would like. It seems to me the SIMPLEST way would be if there was some way to get the Blackberry to open "All Mail" on that account by default. Is that possible? I couldn't find such an option. Is there another way around it?
    05-22-10 01:48 PM