1. sailboats's Avatar
    i wish there was a easier way to configure the screens in compatibility mode and that this blue box didn't surround everything a lot of things work its just the ******** screen just won't stretch to fit the applications.

    Like waze it works perfectly fine on the storm its just not configured for touch screen so it takes a little bit more dragging and fiddling but if the application space was put into the entire upper box above the keyboard it would work fine without any extra scrolling i just dont understand
    05-05-10 12:19 AM
  2. DrewCSchultz's Avatar
    Compatibility mode is a way for you to use applications that were designed for Berry's without touchscreens. It takes your Storm and turns it into a curve, bold, etc., so you can still use the app. The reason it won't stretch is because the app is in it's native ratio. If you notice, to scroll, you place your thumb on the screen and move it such as you would a trackball.

    Good idea, but I was never really into it. It always felt unintuitive to me.
    05-05-10 02:00 AM