1. kayben's Avatar
    I know this sounds dumb. I feel dumb! I can't delete all of my pics to clear my memory. I have like 1000 or I would delete them one by one. I tried the desktop manager and thought I deleted everything. (It took me long enough) but then I wiped the phone and turned it back on and went to pics and there they were! The video was gone, but not the pics. Is there an easier way besides buying a new card. I am selling my phone and don't want to buy a new card. I love my storm. But need something without the data plan for now.


    Oh also, when I rebooted, the I was told there are no contacts (good) but did I want to transfer them from my SIM card (what? I thought the sim didn't save things? How do I clear a SIM card?)
    05-20-09 08:14 AM
  2. moviemogul's Avatar
    The SIM does not have your contacts unless you put them on there manually. No worries there.

    As far as your card, the best option would be to go to

    Options > Memory and make sure Mass Storage Mode is Enabled.

    Then hook up to your PC. Pull up Blackberry2. That is your storage card. Then go to the photos, highlight everything, and delete
    05-20-09 08:19 AM
  3. kayben's Avatar
    thank you!
    05-20-09 08:21 AM
  4. DriftDevil's Avatar
    couldn't u also reformat the card? that'll erase everything...
    05-20-09 08:22 AM