02-11-09 06:33 PM
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  1. DankJemo's Avatar
    If you are worried about germs just go with rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or cotton swab. It is just as good as the Lysol but there wont be all those extra things in it, and the alcohol evaporates quickly.
    02-11-09 02:50 PM
  2. crackberry_virgin's Avatar
    i'd be weary of using ammonia-based cleaners; they tend to eat at the anti-glare coating on most screens. Then again - I'm not even sure if this screen has such a coating....
    02-11-09 03:56 PM
  3. kazn3r's Avatar
    ugh it sucks being 21 and having oil on your hands 24/7 in florida. i clean it like once a week, it's discouraging that when i touch it right after i clean my phone its oily again.
    02-11-09 04:50 PM
  4. andrew1229's Avatar
    can o air and my tshirt
    Please don't encourage others to use compressed air. It is a good way to force dust and particles under the screen.
    02-11-09 05:17 PM
  5. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    Microfiber cloth here. Sometimes when it gets all greasy and nasty (which is VERY rare), I use a Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipe. They work GREAT. Lightly dap and you're good to go.
    02-11-09 05:27 PM
  6. blackberrysince07's Avatar
    either my jeans or the seat of my car
    02-11-09 06:27 PM
  7. IowaGuyBB's Avatar
    I live in Iowa and the air is dry and thus my hands are dry so I don't really have to worry much about greece at this point lol!

    02-11-09 06:33 PM
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