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    I installed trial version of PictureID (used correct Storm download) solely for the purpose of city,state caller ID. I left nextel/sprint after 10 years and now with my 9530 on Verizon, I do not have city/state caller ID. Because I run an online business this is important to me. The PictureID does work well as for as the city,state ID goes, but I have one problem with it that I cannot resolve. If a call comes in from a phone number not in my contact list, it displays the number, the city, and the state. But it also displays the NAME of the last person I talked to who IS in my contact list. I.E. - I talk to my wife on my telephone and end the call. Then a call comes in from someone in Tennessee. The caller ID displays 615-XXX-XXXX, Nashville, Tennesse, (which is great), but it also has my wife's stored name displayed above it. The customer service at toysoft. ca has been very helpful with other issues I had setting up the app, but they did not respond with a resolution to this problem. Does anyone have any idea what the fix is, or information on another app that will provide city/state caller ID. I have tried icallmanager and it does NOT work with my storm. And I have not been able to find berryacode that will work with the storm. Any help would be appreciated.

    richardcaleharrington @ hotmail. com
    05-20-09 09:46 PM
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    I've experienced this issue (where the caller ID of an non-contact number shows as if was the last person I've spoken to who is in my contact), but I don't have installed none of the caller ID third party app.s you mentioned.
    My guess is that this must be a OS bug. I have updated my storm OS to several versions in the past months and I cannot remember when was the last time this issue with the caller ID happen, which means it was probably solved in one of my last OS updates. Which OS version are you running?
    05-20-09 09:55 PM
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    I am running, the best radio (phone signal), and speed of all I have tried. Having said that, I have not tried the 148 yet.
    05-20-09 09:57 PM