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    Not a review of my Storm (and my wife's), just a story. Had our Christmas party last night and there are a couple of gadget guys in my group. They knew I had gotten the Storm and after a few Captain & cokes, they asked if they could see it.
    OK, great friends (known them for 20+ years) and with the liquid lubricant, I said sure. Well, these guys started and I didn't get the phone back for over an hour. Must have been passed around to at least 10 people. These guys didn't just check it out, I mean they were making calls, sending emails, text messages, changing ringers, videos, etc.
    At this point, my wife's phone got to be passed around as well (they are setup the same). Lots of ooooooos and aaaaaaas. Phones were ringing, I mean you would think that the WII had just been pulled out for the first time. Happy to say, the Storm worked great. People were able to use it without me standing around (except the gadget guys were having a difficult time figuring out how to change the settings on a Blackberry, which I related to).
    Of course an iPhone got pulled into the mix. Funniest thing was the MMS, iPhone was getting left out here. A lot of "How come ... What's up with that?". And ... the email. As I said, guys were sending emails and the BB's that were there were getting their little notifications. Of course the iPhone owner said, "Here, let me check to see if I got mine". It was great. Everyone agreed that the Storm and iPhone were on par with each other, they just did different things better. Some of those apps on the iPhone were pretty cool (i.e. hold the iPhone up to a song being played and it will tell the artist and album).
    A Bold was there and WOW, nice screen on that thing. IMO, that Bold was definitely faster then the Storm. I just can't get used to the little keys. Never could, that's why I never had a BB before. But that Bold has a certain WOW factor too.

    Anyway, sorry for the long story. I have loved this Storm since day one and last night just made me laugh.
    12-21-08 11:46 AM
  2. David522's Avatar
    Waiting for my party for christmas, makes you feel good when people say "oh what a good phone"
    12-21-08 11:50 AM
  3. Stang68's Avatar
    Haha, great story! It is like that for me whenever I go to a party. It gets passed around and people have no idea what they are doing with a Blackberry because they all have Moto Rzrs and then someone with an iPhone tosses that into the mix and the speed tests start, etc lol. Next stop for my Storm is a New Years Party!
    12-21-08 11:51 AM