1. Krazybone1's Avatar
    i dont know if it has been posted before but.....

    For all you Storm lovers that wanted a charging dock from vzw!!! but thought it was not worth paying $29.99 well now might be your chance to give your blackberry some love, i was browsing through vzw website and came accross the charging dock and the price said $9.99 i was like WHAT?! so i gave customer care a called an yes indeed the price was right, they have it on clearance!! so i threw a shirt on a put on my shoes and headed to the store and bought two! so i dont know how long the promotions has been going on for but there you have it!! so all you blackberrians!! now might be your chance!!
    11-08-09 03:43 PM
  2. BrianM23's Avatar
    Good find, This was posted before, but it was a dock on Amazon for the same price. Either way nice, Might get one tomorrow.
    11-08-09 05:10 PM
  3. amavit's Avatar
    Too bad there's not a "like" button lmao. I went looking for one....good job though
    11-08-09 05:17 PM