1. Bryant.Villada's Avatar
    For some odd reason when i charge my phone, all of a sudden it does not charge past 85%. Is there any reason for this or is anyone else experiencing the same thing?
    02-26-09 11:15 PM
  2. djm1947's Avatar
    I have not noticed that happening. Hav you let your battery run all the way down and then charge completely? If not I suggest you do that.
    02-26-09 11:17 PM
  3. Bryant.Villada's Avatar
    yea i have done that plenty of times..... but for some reason its been stuck on 85% for a while now. I dont know why its really weird...
    02-26-09 11:18 PM
  4. Bryant.Villada's Avatar
    Unplugged, bat pull, recharge and its not past 85% so its good now.
    02-26-09 11:19 PM