1. dbK's Avatar
    I'm trying to change my signature via PC for emails (as it's fairly long and needs to be properly worded, so I want to copy/paste) and I can't figure out how to. Desktop Manager 4.7 doesn't seem to have the same options (at least, as far as I can find, first BB) as older versions, which made it seem fairly straight forward.

    On top of that, I found via google that I can log into BIS at BlackBerry Internet Service and change it there, but when I try to register my device it tells me that the device is already registered, but when I have it send my PW to my Storm it says that I need to create a login. Any thoughts on that, and/or using DM?

    11-24-08 10:00 AM
  2. prietocwb's Avatar
    you could call Verizon so they can find out your existing username/password for your BIS account.

    Did you try the link forget password?

    11-24-08 10:14 AM
  3. MalPraktiz's Avatar
    Hey dbk, go to the Email Setup tool, then click the menu button and select "Create username" menu item and follow the wizard to create a BIS login, then you can use the login info you create to access the BIS site from a desktop browser
    11-24-08 11:07 AM