1. maxwjackson's Avatar
    I had this before on the storm but it was awhile ago and i forget what the app was, but i was just playing with my friends Dare and she had a background that was like a slide show...can anyone help me out and let me know what app will do this. Free if possible =]
    05-30-09 11:24 PM
  2. ryaneagles's Avatar
    Visual Arts has an app that changes your wallpaper. You can set it anywhere from 5 seconds to 6 hours and it changes it up. Doesn't drain your battery or eat your memory either. Its on sale right now for .99 cents.

    If you look around there are other apps out there that do this as well.

    Hope this helps!

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    05-30-09 11:44 PM
  3. Legato Bluesummers's Avatar
    +1 for Visual Arts. I love that app, and have been using it since 2 days after getting my BB. Agreed in that it doesn't drain battery or memory. I love it.
    05-31-09 12:51 AM
  4. maxwjackson's Avatar
    just downloaded it thanks alott
    05-31-09 12:53 AM