1. chronictacos's Avatar
    I was on CB and saw the article and related video. But how can we get the application to secure our calls. That would be amazing if anyone had any idea on how to download it to our storms!
    05-15-09 05:51 PM
  2. handscreate's Avatar
    It's not available for the Storm yet. According to an email reply they sent me, they're testing on Bold right now, and it is available for the Bold, but you have to call them for it (currently the online store only shows Symbian & WinMo).

    They're working on making it available for ALL BlackBerry models very soon.
    The cost, as estimated in email, is $1000.00 (which I think is very steep, but that's the cost of security I guess) per license, and every user must have a license for the calls to be secure. Calls are only secure when made from CellCrypt user to CellCrypt user. Calls made to/from phones that do not have a license for CellCrypt are not able to be encrypted for security.

    Hope that answers your questions. If not call or email them from the contact information on their site.
    05-16-09 05:11 PM