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    So right now all my storm is doing is blinking with a red light. I downloaded the new OS for verizon storms from my phone and it got to 100%. I after download it asked if I wanted to install (upgrade is what the button actually said I think) then it proceeded to install. After a few minutes it said it had to restart but it never did. I really need my phone. And if anyone can help me that would be great
    06-01-09 04:11 AM
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    There's absolutely no reason to post this in two different places. Patience will serve you better in the long run.

    QUICK INDEX v4.7.0.148 Verizon Upgrade (CDMA devices)
    06-01-09 04:27 AM
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    1 Thread per topic per person PLEASE! I provided a possible solution here...


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    PS Normally this type post would go in this section, BUT with the update frenzy I fear your thread will get lost in the suffle, so I left the one in general open.
    06-01-09 07:51 AM