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    My Storm will no longer let me dial a number. All of the numbers appear on the screen but when pressed nothing happens. The letters that accompany each number are no longer visible as well. Also when I call my voicemail and bring up the dialpad only the numbers 5, 1, and 0 show up, with 5 and 1 being in the 3 and 9 spots. I have no idea what is going on. Please Help

    06-22-10 01:36 PM
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    Wow! This is the exact problem that brought me to crackberry.com today. This just happened to my phone this afternoon. I have had my storm since the 1st day it was released and have never had a problem like this. Did a whole bunch of battery pulls, turned phone off/on, everything else on the phone works except the dial pad. I can however, hold down a number in call mode and it will activate the speed dial.
    06-25-10 06:40 PM
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    After I posted this, I kept searching the forums. Here is a solution posted by another user. I tried it and it worked. Not sure what made my phone all of a sudden have a problem but for some strange reason, this fix worked.

    1. Go to "options" on the home screen menu
    2. Press "Language and Text Input"
    3. Change the Language to "English" instead of English United States.
    4. Press the bb button and click "Save"
    Now your dial pad should work normally.

    Here is the link given by the poster I found in another thread: http : //searchwarp.com/swa563532-Blackberry-Storm-9530-Keypad-Problem-What-To-Do-When-Your-Dial-Pad-Wont-Work.htm
    06-25-10 07:02 PM
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    Oops - double post.
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    06-25-10 07:02 PM
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    i had the same problem on my storm go to contacts, press menu, button then go to "enable reduced keyboard" and dont ask why that worked for me cause i couldnt dial out either but after that i can dial all i want to!!
    07-17-10 11:52 PM