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    I am trying to Enterprise activate a canadian users BBerry Storm 9530 with a BPS 4.1.4 located in the US. It seems the phone does contact the server b/c when the user put in a bad password he got a bad password error. When he put the correct password in he gets the following error:

    The blackberry Enterprise server has not responded to your activation request. An error may have occurred.”

    Then gives three options 1. More details 2. Continue activation 3. Cancel activation

    More details says….

    “This may be due to one of the following: The email address has been entered incorrectly. The activation email has been modified or moved from your email inbox by spam/ attachment scanning software or a mail client rule. You have not yet been added to the Blackberry Enterprise Server. Pleas either cancel this request and contact your IT support team or continue activation.”

    and the service book goes into his inbox.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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