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    I recently sync'd up with my Exchange mailbox in Outlook using the desktop software. After which I had dupe contacts in my phone and instead of clearing them out one by one, I googled around and found a link that told me to use RSET to clear them out and resync them.

    Well it cleared them out, and now Im unable to resync contacts using my BB desktop software I also cannot manually add new contacts because when I click "Save" nothing happens. I have to "Discard" my new contacts every time.

    Im running a 9530 with OS (508). Any help would be most appreciated. It's almost like the phone is denying me write access.

    I checked my Address Book DB size and it is indeed 0KB.
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    04-19-10 02:34 PM
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    I checked in the event log and it shows the following error:
    Name: IllegalStateException
    Severity: Severe Error
    GUID: 9c3cd62e3320b498

    "No default address book SYNC collection."
    (Lots of other debug information follows, too much to type.)
    I imagine this is telling me that it's unable to find an address book. Does anyone know how to create a new address book, or do anything at all with them? I suppose I can just reinstall the OS, but I'd rather not.
    04-19-10 03:42 PM
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    A wipe + reinstall fixed this. Guess I'll never know what the cause was.
    04-19-10 05:45 PM